Game Master

Game Master

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, provides mentorship, coaching training, and advice to members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, users/players of the Matrix-Q Games.

As Matrix-Q Specialist, Luis guides players in the development of skills, and use of tools, techniques, methods, and data.

Luis tailor-makes the design of a road map and challenges, based on the assessment of the players/users' competencies, skills, goals, road maps, capacity of learning and preferences, 


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, the founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, has researched nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations since 1993. Re-discovered a mathematical language based on frequency, geometry, algorithms, and symbols inspired by nature "the code of nature". Luis has been dedicated to utilizing his knowledge to create innovative holistic methods, tools, data sets, technology, techniques, products, and services, as well as games (EduTech EduGames) for entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders. 

Luis is active as a facilitator, coach-trainer, consultant, game creator, and designer, since 1993