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The Matrix-Q Games (Learn-play, Impact-play & Earn-play)  is a hybrid digital platform for gamified capacity building for entrepreneurs

The Matrix-Q Games enable opportunities for everyone to participate, and collaborate, with the acceleration of the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future.


Gamified capacity-building online and hands-on opportunities to create a positive impact, by addressing global, local, and social pressing issues.  Through playing, completing gamified tasks, earning points, rewards, tokens (to trade for products and services), and even money*. 


Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future


The Matrix-Q Games host a community of talents, influencers, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and impact investors.


The Matrix-Q Companies (Ecosystem) Head Quarters is in the Netherlands, the City of Rhenen.


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The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is a club for entrepreneurs, and impact investors dedicated to creating a positive impact (Learn more about the Matrix-Q Causes, and Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club Memberships)


THE MATRIX-Q GAMES Launched in 2021, the Matrix-Q Games solve a key challenge for our future.

Today education needs to be engaging,  hands-on, data-driven, purpose and impact-driven.

If we want to create together a change in our planet, for the following 9+ generations, we need to use our time, resources, and opportunities wisely.

We need to think, feel, act, create, innovate, lead and change with the knowledge and skills acquired.

We need capable leaders, innovation, holistic entrepreneurship, and a new regenerative circular economy (Doughnut Economy).

With the Matrix-Q Games, our ecosystem intends to scale education for the next generation of leaders.

We want to host for 2030,  729.000 players from 108 countries around the world and create 81 Matrix-Q Hubs for Learn-play, Impact-Play, and Earn-play worldwide. Which will translate into new participative and inclusive initiatives implemented at a location to address pressing issues. 


Its time to Impact-Play

We have a little time window to address global pressing issues, in particular, climate change and its global compound impact on nature, society, and the economy.

The Matrix-Q Games offer an innovative education system, for the next generation of leaders.

In ONLY 729 DAYS our students acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience to create a positive impact.

While, in comparison, similar results aimed by the traditional education system combined with the first year's professional experience, will take altogether more than 20+ years

While for today we know that 170 Millions of human migration because of climate change impact is expected for 2030, cities around the world need to relocate due to water-zero dates already known, natural life and their ecosystems are affected, human health risks increase, and disruptions to food, water, market and value chains are expected.  As of today, 80% of the world's forests have disappeared, and trees need 30 to 130 years to grow, in order to offset CO2 emissions. 

We understand it is not alone a question of policy, technology, knowledge, or entrepreneurship skills. But of time, emotional engagement, and capacity to respond, we all together address daily global, local and social pressing issues. 


Our founder, for the years 1992 started an initiative at his university in Peru, gathering students of all faculties, along with a gamified, holistic learn-play, learning-by-doing, dedicated to developing skills, necessary for professional life, like leadership, multidisciplinary collaboration, and entrepreneurship. The outcome of the initiative was social-empathy, awareness, and engagement in addressing local social issues.

In the following years, Luis will engage companies, leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, influencers, and impact investors, to explore together several pathways to create a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies, by addressing global, local, and social pressing issues.

Luis will engage in private multidisciplinary research and apply his acquired knowledge in an NGO in SouthAmerica, and purpose and values-driven business projects in Europe, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Israel, and the Netherlands.

In 2016 the Matrix-Q Research Institute was grounded in the Netherlands, gathering all the multidisciplinary research work, and innovations of our founder.  Including a new methodology for data-driven gamified and holistic education. The Matrix-Q Method combined with the gamified learning activities is the foundation of all capacity-building services provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia, matching 97% of the United Nations Standards for Holistic Education. It is as well the backbone for the Online Matrix-Q Games.

 In the following years, the Matrix-Q Ecosystem will evolve into a hub hosting a community of multinational entrepreneurs sharing a common vision and knowledge (Matrix-Q Knowledge). Matrix-Q EduTech, Matrix-Q Akademia & Matrix-Q Games; Matrix-Q Consulting (Sustainable Development & Entrepreneurship),  & Matrix-Q Circular Design & Solutions, Matrix-Q Climate, Matrix-Q Coding, Matrix-Q Coaching are some of our companies. 

In 2021, the Matrix-Q Ecosystem evolved into Matrix-Q Games, creating an innovative integration between online capacity building, gamified data-driven learning combined with coaching and mentorship, hands-on participation in the creation of a positive impact, and a rewards system, which includes tokens, points, rewards, and also money*.

We utilize hybrid gamification by combining learning, impact, and earning activities with: e-games, smart applications, LARP (Life action role play), simulations, board games, outdoor games, adventure games, escape rooms, and much more...   


Holistic Learning

Webinars, Interactive e-Lessons, e-Learning, e-Workshops, e-Books, e-Play Sessions & e-Workbooks

Assisted by Human Coaches, Trainers & Mentors

You learn by playing, solving challenges, taking missions, participating in simulations, role play, and live play sessions online.

Outdoors and Abroad-Traveling learn-play at locations with qualified local coach-trainers.


Holistic Impact

Address global, local, and social pressing issues

You choose the field of impact.

Take missions, complete projects, or solve challenges.

Contribute to tasks or participate in the conversations online.

Assisted by Human Coaches, Trainers & Mentors

Supervised by Sustainable development consultants and experienced entrepreneurs.

You create an impact by playing.

Impact-play activities at Location, Outdoors, and Abroad-Traveling are guided by qualified local impact-trainers.


Holistic Wealth

Earn points, and rewards, to access the next levels of the game

Earn tokens, you can trade for products, services, resources, and opportunities you need to achieve your goals.

Earn money (an agreement is compulsory). Eligibility conditions to earn money apply, according to location and earn-play activity). We offer 12 earn-play programs: from monetary compensation for an earn-play activity/task/challenge project/mission completed; to the creation of passive income assets and enabling access to ownership: equity, shares, and property in Matrix-Q Companies. Including land, metaverse assets, and trees. 

You earn and generate holistic wealth by playing.

Earn-play activities Online, at Location, Outdoors, and Abroad-Traveling are guided by qualified online earn-play trainers.



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Demo Webinar, Matrix-Q Games

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Private Q&A Sessions with a Matrix-Q Games Consultant.

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Capacity Assessment

Scan 40 min

Online data-driven coaching session with a capacity assessment holistic-scan.

Learn how to measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize your performance.