Matrix-Q Internship 2022

Holistic LIfestyle, Leadership & Work-Life Balance for Impact Leaders

In two simple steps get an INTERNSHIP at the Matrix-Q Games digital platform for entrepreneurs

  1. Schedule a capacity assessment scan, and questions and answers telephone call with your coach-mentor
  2. Follow the instructions and rules given

Once you completed the steps above, you will be invited to join the internship program below described

TESTIMONIAL Matrix-Q Internship Program 2020

Nadia joined our ecosystem in 2020, within 81 days she reached a role as project manager.


Holistic LIfestyle, Leadership & Work-Life Balance for Impact Leaders

The ideal candidate will be responsible for testing new products and producing data-driven reports of the outcome


  • Test new products
  • Fill out data-driven reports
  • Assist in branding, marketing & sales campaigns


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Experience or interest in any (at least one) of the following
      • Yoga
      • Self-defense
      • Leadership Skills
      • Time Management
      • Work-Life Balance
      • Purpose
      • Life-Span, Self-regeneration, anti-aging
      • Holistic Lifestyle
      • Emotional Intelligence
      • Body-awareness
      • Holistic thinking skills
      • Fitness


  • You will contribute with 1 or more projects dedicated to empower impact leaders (sustainable development) with holistic lifestyle, leadership skills and work-life balance products


Capacity scan and training (data-driven)

Interested parties please provide the following information

1) Expertise (specific tasks, skills, tools, techniques, knowledge, network, portfolio)

2) Introductory letter, why would you like to join us


  • You are already or want to empower impact leaders (sustainable development) with holistic lifestyle, leadership skills, and work-life balance products
  • You are already or want to create a positive impact with work life balance, leadership skills, and happiness at work

New team members agree to:

  • Remote training.
  • At location (indoors and outdoors) training in Rhenen, The Netherlands (If you are still in the Netherlands before you start your trip)
  • Matrix-Q Techniques and Methods Training: You need to learn Matrix-Q Methods and tools
  • Training to utilize Matrix-Q Data-driven assessment and reporting tools
  • Speak and utilize the English & Dutch Languages
  • You are already living in the Netherlands, you are a Dutch national, or have a permanent residency permit to live and work in the Netherlands.
  • Free schedule
  • Project-based
  • Remote work
  • Teamwork at location Rhenen


  • AGE: There is no age limit for this internship, any age can join
  • PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: There is no professional background or experience needed 
  • GENDER: All genders identities and lifestyles are welcome


  • New team members start as interns, to qualify as project managers, license managers, or join Matrix-Q Native start-ups or Matrix-Q Consultants Division, as team members, consultants, or shareholders.
  • Interns may also become eligible to join the Matrix-Q Akademia for entrepreneurs and to receive a scholarship


Vary according to the project, one or more of the following compensation agreements below.

You always can choose the project and compensation you want to take

  • Target based, after completing /achieving some targets
  • Project based, for project completion
  • Time-based, per day or hour
  • A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user
  • Earn-play based, we give you challenges and missions, to earn with
  • License based, you earn with the company together with % fees of the license given to our customers


You will receive your training in the city of Rhenen, the Netherlands, and online


Our Headquarters is in the Netherlands

We are an online company dedicated to multidisciplinary research, education, holistic living, and technology innovation, gamification, for sustainable development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

We provide live training indoors, outdoors, and underwater in the city of Rhenen, the Netherlands


Contact me on WhatsApp at 0031.626673380 to coordinate a 15 min telephone interview

You can schedule it here

You can also write me by e-mail at:

We will send to you an application form

Grateful to meet you!