Mediation Negotiation & Fair Debt Collection Incasso

Mediation, Negotation & Fair Debt Collection

Our members know, as entrepreneurs, that the future is unknown, uncertain. Entrepreneurship in praxis means to be flexible and adaptable to life, market, and business changing conditions. This means that sometimes plans, agreements, and commitments need to be adjusted.


In our membership agreements, we establish in advance, that in the case of an adjustment of terms, we will first schedule meetings, communicate, inform each other, and negotiate, aiming to a new arrangement that benefits or satisfies the needs of both or all parties.  

In the case of disagreements, that can take place, for unexpected reasons, that we can not predict, we have set a procedure that includes communication sessions, coaching, mediation, and even advice by third party. This procedure is standard for any form of disagreement or change of terms of our agreements.

Why do we plan in advance how to solve a disagreement? because in life it is normal that change happens and problems need to be solved. We have no control over life, but over how we will respond to those changes, which values, and the type of leadership, decision making, policy, and strategy we will utilize.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, we have chosen transparency, communication, negotiation, and mediation as the first path to take, along a process designed to solve issues and avoid any form of a legal or financial dispute.


As entrepreneurs, we know that sometimes business goes fine, and sometimes externalities, market, economy, or product conditions, contribute to challenges in cash flow. 

When entrepreneurs can not commit to the payment of their debts, for example when our members can not pay the membership fees, then what can be done?

We believe that collaboration and partnership, having common goals and values, applies in both good and challenging times. 

We advocate for a fair debt collection that does support the recovery of the entrepreneur, into a healthy financial situation and cash flow, hoping to do better business together later, once the challenges has been solved

This is how we collaborate with our members if they have challenges to pay


Our partner, the company faircasso,  is aligned with our mindset and protocols for negotiation and fair debt collection.

Having a strong policy on transparency and collaboration, we trust they will do the quality of fair work, supporting our customers along a fair process of debt collection