Non-Conditional Income

Universal non-conditional income

The challenges humanity needs to face in the following 108 years are complex, overwhelming, and uncertain.

For the human civilization of 2020, several changes will take place, continuously.

Today is not possible to predict the outcome of the compound effect created by the actions and decisions done by leaders, governments, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

To address global, local, and social pressing issues is a choice, that each individual needs to make.

The freedom of choice implies a process in which every individual on this planet is invited to make a choice.

A self-selection process has been taking place for several years, after WW2, from 1997 on.

The outcome, negative systemic impact, created by the modern civilization progress (mindset) was already announced for 100s of years.

While linear thinking has deceived leaders, researchers, technologies, investors, and governments; creating as an outcome waste, resource depletion, the extinction of millions of species, human inequalities, and climate change. While the scientific community has data since the 80s on occurrences that indicate global climate change.

A new generation wakes up in the middle of a world that is meant to change. 5 generations (Boomers, X, Millenials, Z, and alpha) are facing together today a future of systemic disruptive nature. Without having any reference in human history, science, or technology, to predict, expect, or solve the outcomes that will need to be faced within a few years.

For example: cities that have zero water day announced within 729 days,  cities of millions of inhabitants that have planned to move out to other locations, we are reaching for 2022 80% of the original forest being destroyed or cut down; millions of species extinct and counting; an impossible challenge to keep average temperatur under 1,5 degrees celcius; the threat of oceans and land hosting algea and plants, producing the 100% of oxigen mamals need to live; a moder society hectic and burned out without work life balance or purpose, and unhappy, forced to work 10x6 hours/week, to pay bills for survival or enabling an acceptable quality of life; 51% of divorces; climate migration expected over 170 millions within 5-10 years; a transition to circular economy that follows a very slow pace; technology and innovation need5-10 years to scale; challenging market receptivity of innovative products and solutions necesary to accelerate the transition to a holistic sustainable way of living; consumers awareness and engagement; an academic education system that takes 20 years to be completed and needs of additional 10 years of professional experience for the students to be capable to deliver an acceptable level of systemic impact; survival stress, mental health issues, increase by the covid-19 pandemic; a process of change of the global economy taking place.

Within this scenario that gets complex and challenging by the day. Every individual on our planet, aware of the challenges nature and complexity or not, is invited by media, leaders, and governments to make a choice, to pay attention, to think together through the reality to be faced in the following 108 years and the challenges that the following 9+ generations need to overcome.

In this context, we believe, as a Matrix-Q Ecosystem, that diminishing the survival stress would enable more hands, creative minds, and empathetic hearts to engage in action. Our suggestion to governments, and the United Nations, is the implementation of Universal nonconditional income.

The universal nonconditional income would make easier the process of choice and engagement to billions of humans on earth that would need to act together quickly to address the global, local and social pressing issues that we need to face and be accountable for, as human species.


In the world, as it is now, we need people capable to think, feel, create, act, lead and invest with the knowledge acquired. We need holistic multidisciplinary knowledge, combined with entrepreneurial skills and the capacity to invest, holistic wealth, to create better conditions for living for the following 9+ generations.

The Matrix-Q Games are a school for the next generation leaders, to solve together the barriers, and deal with the externalities and global/local and social challenges that impact our world and our future.

It is a critical time in which we all together are called to create the future we want.

It is an opportunity for our human species to choose a destination.

We have only a little time window, to act as human species, utilizing the freedom we still have today to choose.

Otherwise, life outcomes, the compound effect created by the combination of disruptive events to take place along the following 108 years, will force humanity to face and respond to unavoidable events.

We still have time to engage in action, together.

There we believe that the universal nonconditional income will free the global citizens that have made already a choice to contribute but because their survival needs have been not covered, they have no free time nor capacity to contribute.


The generation of a positive sustainable impact, with the investment of holistic wealth, creation of holistic economic growth, is possible when leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, influencers, and impact investors bring together their qualities, skills, and resources to act.

The Matrix-Q Games is a platform in which every person can develop such qualities, skills, and knowledge together, in one single individual. 

At the Matrix-Q Games we utilize a holistic education methodology that is data-driven.

We measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize human performance and capacity.

For example capacity of learning, adaptation, empathy, circular thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, holistic lifestyle, self-knowledge, purpose, and investment in holistic sustainable development and holistic economic growth.

Through the Matrix-Q Games, we aim to provide capacity building to the next generation leaders, 729.000 players worldwide, in 108 countries and 81 Matrix-Q Play Hubs, to accelerate and scale capacity building.

The universal non-conditional income would free millions of young leaders who today would like to enter into action, as innovators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and impact investors.

While there exists no global universal nonconditional income, the Matrix-Q Games provide the opportunity for everyone to start their journey to become self-sufficient and financially independent, capable to act, free time and resources, to contribute, to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, by addressing together global, local and social pressing issues, with innovation, values, purpose, data-driven entrepreneurship, and systemic impact investment of the holistic wealth; to finally enable equality, quality of life, safety, balance, welfare, and peace for everyone, and everything, on earth.


Today from 9 start-ups only 1-2 survive the first 2 years of business.

This is a rate of success we can not afford as a planet when we need to scale sustainable solutions

Once one entrepreneur has failed it may take months or years to start again a new project

We do not have that time window, and just investment, technology and knowledge does not solve the issue

A universal nonconditional income would enable the entrepreneurs the certainty that their families and beloved ones have their basic needs covered, and enable them a free mind and skills to make decisions that are a match of the challenging times we experience today, for which sagacity, to dare uncertainty, is necessary, with an adventurous entrepreneurial mindset.

The ability to achieve an outcome under unpredictable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and changing conditions, is a capacity, knowledge, and skill that can be trained at the Matrix-Q Games.


10th February 2022 16.00 Amsterdam Time Zone

The online event, by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Is universal non conditional income the solution we need?