Before you choose any convenient flat-rate subscription to the Matrix-Q Games (Memberships), you need to know what the game is about. In order to participate in the Matrix-Q Games, to activate your learn-play, impact-play, or earn-play activities, you need to use credits, points, or tokens.


You earn them as a reward for completing tasks, solving challenges, completing projects, and achieving missions and targets.

For example, you earn tokens and points already just by getting invited to join the Matrix-Q Games.

There are available at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem several opportunities to earn tokens and points.

You may also utilize credits. 


If you want to bend some rules, sometimes, it is possible to use credits.

For example: If the Matrix-Q Game master requests you to trade 54 Tokens for the next learn-play activity you want to complete, which is compulsory for the earn-play project you want to try out, then if you do have not enough tokens, you may purchase credits at any time.

It is not always possible to bend the rules. But sometimes it is a good strategic move.

Sometimes is better to be patient, and complete more learn-play and impact-play activities to earn the tokens you want, and then use fewer credits.


There is a riddle to solve, at each stage of your journey.

For each Matrix-Q Belt and Level of the game, there is a focus point. Therefore rules and the nature of the challenges will change, adjust accordingly. As we expect you to acquire specific knowledge, skills, tools, ... then we need to adjust the game settings.

The riddle is: How to combine the use of resources and time, skills and knowledge, opportunity and tools, strategically, so that you can activate more learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities, and level-up your game (from level 0 to level 9) and achieve a higher rank (Belt 1 to Belt 12), alignment to the mission and values of our community (ring) and your personal goals as an entrepreneur, influencer, innovators, leader, or impact investor.


To subscribe to the Matrix-Q Games you can use membership as well. 

The membership fees vary in length and conditions.

You need Matrix-Q Credits to purchase them. (See available memberships)

The Matrix-Q Game Memberships give you the convenient chance to control what happens with you in the game. Like a prepaid card, you want to control the resources you utilize from time to time. You can set your own budget limits per month, per year, for 729 days, or for 2187 days.

Some of our members aim to launch start-ups with the game and they plan ahead strategically.

The membership offers you a flat rate.


You are welcome at any time to purchase credits, any amount, to play the Matrix-Q Games

Then you can use as many credits as you want at any time.

Choose a membership

Memberships offer you a convenient flat rate subscription 

You can use the membership for any of the three categories of activities: Learn-play, Impact-play, or earn-play*.

There are two kinds of memberships.

  • Monthly fees, paid in advance yearly
  • Fees for a specific time period

You can also purchase at any time the number of credits you wish or need for specific activities

Or start with a trial program an essentials program or an intensive program

Or simply register for coaching training or mentoring sessions

Or attend RSVP events (conversations) 

Please schedule time with us, to tailor-made your game, and receive strategic advice by a coach-trainer or mentor, about the ideal membership or subscription for you.

Below are the most popular memberships