Lives, Rings & Time

Lives, Rings & Time

As in real life, players have a limited time to play the Matrix-Q Games. 

We ask our players to use their lifetime wisely.


Every game gives you the possibility to at least play it once. It means for that specific game you will have one life.

In other games, for example, e-games or LARP games, you may have 3 or more lives. 

Sometimes you can bring yourself back to life under certain conditions. 

Or purchase more lives.

When you activate a new level of the game (9+) you start with one life only.

At the Matrix-Q Games, you will find all the above.

At the moment you receive a challenge, mission, or project, it will be indicated:

How many lives do you still have for the game

How you can lose your life, earn new lives or bring yourself back to life,


If you have lost all your lives and there is no option for you to bring yourself back to life, the only chance you have to continue trying to play that specific game is to get the Matrix-Q Game Master to grant you a new life.

The conditions may vary. Maybe you would receive a challenge. Who knows. It all depends on your timeline of achievements, your ring, rank, and sometimes also on your credits.


One of our players, an aspiring entrepreneur, has incubated a new company in the Matrix-Q Games. 

The company did well for some time. 

But not all the time things go well.

The start-up did not survive the first 2 years. Actually, we know from starts worldwide that from 9 start-ups mostly 1 survives the first 2-5 years. There may be many reasons for that outcome.

As you can understand, that high level of mortality can not be afforded for impact entrepreneurs, when each sustainable development project is addressing global, local, or social pressing issues of extreme importance for the life of our planet and the following 9+ generations.

The idea behind the Matrix-Q Games is that players will develop the capacity to bring their projects forward, adjust, change, adapt themselves as necessary, to survive, evolve, and achieve finally sustainable growth.

In the end is all about the knowledge, skills, capacity, tools, data, resources, technology, the entrepreneur uses

This is a good example of " how to lose a life" in the Matrix-Q Games.

The Aspiring entrepreneur may try out a new company again and start over.

For entrepreneurs, the end of a cycle, a process, means change. Death is part of life.


The Matrix-Q Games have 9 Levels

For starters, we give each player ONE LIFE for each level of the game

Under certain conditions, you may claim/earn up to 9 lives per level

You start always with one single life

Read always the instructions of each mission, challenge, project, or level of the game: How do you lose a life and how to recover it or earn more lives 


Player A did activate level 5 of the Matrix-Q Games: Design & Create

Received a first challenge: To design a specific circular solution within a time frame of 27 days

This impact-play challenge was an opportunity to enter the Level 5 of the game. 

If the player loses a life, meaning they cant complete the design as requested within 27 days, will also automatically be released from Level 5, until it qualifies again.

In this case, the player had only one life to play Level 5, and can not recover it at Level 5 either.


The value of Time at the Matrix-Q Games

  • Time means opportunities, to create a positive impact, on time.
  • In Times of climate change, entrepreneurship, innovation, impact investment, influencing, leadership faces a great challenge: Time.
  • There is a time window to reduce for example CO2 emissions, protect a specific ecosystem, protect a species, recover the temperature and chemical conditions necessary for life in the oceans.
  • There is also a time frame you need to count on for recovering life in an ecosystem, boosting biodiversity, or, after planting trees, achieving an expected offset of carbon emissions with them.
  • We can not ask a little sprout to give the fruits expected by a mature tree.
  • As well as you can not ask for pears from an apple tree.
  • Time is essential for life. If you want to create a compound effect with your learning curve, to enable the level of systemic impact you wish to achieve within 3 years for example.
  • As an entrepreneur, time is a LIFE-Factor, as every minute that counts costs you something: opportunities, resources, time, knowledge, work-life balance, quality of time with your family, holistic wealth, assets...
  • Time means freedom if you know how to use it.
  • Therefore the Matrix-Q Time Management learn-play activities have great value for you.
  • As time is your friend, at the Matrix-Q Games. 

The RINGS of the Matrix-Q Games

There are 729 Rings in the Matrix-Q Games

Closer you get to the central pillar, higher the alignment you have with the Matrix-Q Online Community of Entrepreneurs, to the vision, and mission of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem and Matrix-Q Games.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future.

Through the practice of entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, influencing, and impact-investment combined. By creating a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

Matrix-Q Game Players are committed to such values, their accountability, responsibility, honesty, character and authenticity is tested in every learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activity 

The Ring of a Matrix-Q Player may change at any time.

All players start at the RING 729

The aim is to reach the RING 0


Player A has started 3 weeks ago, completed 3 missions, earned 1000 points and 300 tokens

A great performance aligned to the culture, mission, vision, philosophy of the Matrix-Q Games Community.

For that reason can now activate learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities reserved for the RING 702


Player B has 9 weeks of experience playing Matrix-Q Games, completed 5 missions, earned 3000 points and 200 tokens.

The player B also was not careful in the last 3 missions, and instead of creating a positive impact with the learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities, did achieve the contrary.

Despite warnings, instructions by the game masters.

Player B started as everyone at the RING 729, at the end of mission #2 achieved the RING 648, but after mission # 5 due to the negative impact created, the new status was RING 702

With the examples above you understand that the RING can go up and down.

Start conversations with your mentor, coach-trainer, and Game Master about how to activate the RINGS.

The keys you will find in the Yellow Belt learn-play activities