Points & Tokens

Points & Tokens

Points & Tokens are essential means of the Matrix-Q Games

As you can use them to activate learn-play, impact-play, earn-play actvivities, tasks, challenges, missions or projects.

How can you earn them?


  1. Find easy and quick ways to earn points and tokens. Top up your wallet with as many as you can. Those opportunities exists and are available always at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. From time to time blog posts, podcasts, e-learning, events, meet-ups, online community activities, challenges or volunteer tasks will give you as reward points and or tokens.
  2. Every time that you participate in a learn-play, impact-play or earn-play activity, you receive a reward in the form of tokens and or points. Strategic tip: Participate from the beginning to the end of the event. Dont miss a line.
  3. Participate in collective play activities, club activities, conversations, and teams. Strategic tip: Participate from the beginning to the end of the event. Dont miss a clue.
  4. Purchase Matrix-Q Merchandise. If you are member of our online play community, your email will be registered and you will receive always tokens and or points.
  5. Choose one e-mail address to play, for all events and activities of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Be sure you are also registered in our e-Newsletter. Normally all opportunities to earn tokens and points are announced from time to time there.
  6. The Matrix-Q Online Community forum, a slack collaboration platform has one channel where you can find those special announcements for insiders as well.
  7. In general, be alert, notice we want to give you tokens and points. The opportunities are there.
  8. How to measure your investment vs return? What do you invest to earn points and tokens? basically time, for most of the cases. If you have an internet connection and you are curious and pay attention, and respect to the process delivered, you will always discover opportunities to earn points, tokens, and other rewards.
  9. Do you need special skills, knowledge, tools, methods, to earn tokens and points? Most of the time not at all. Yet once you have already been playing for some time at the Matrix-Q Games, you will have completed some learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities. which means that you have had the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, tools, skills, data, and technology. 
  10. But remember nothing is predictable. Even you would have a mathematical prediction or discovered a pattern. There is real life as in the Matrix-Q Games can always something unexpected, unpredictable, complex, or ambiguous happen. The question is how would you respond or react to change? Would you adapt yourself or freeze? The outcome and your journey along this process are what will define for the number of tokens and points you will earn, and the rewards you will receive at the end of the day, every 9, 27, 81, 243, 729, or 2187 days.
  11. Realize that you are on a journey, designed to unleash your potential, expand your perception, challenge your awareness and consciousness, measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize your holistic performance. 
  12. What we expect from you, is to think, feel, act, create, innovate, decide, lead, invest with the holistic knowledge acquired: Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Data, Innovations, Methodology, Technology, Designs, Blue Prints, Systems, Models, Language, Multidisciplinary Research, and so on. The Matrix-Q Game Master(s), coaches, trainers, mentors, will support you all along the path. Consider that you are on a hero journey, and have received a mission. What will you do?


  • Team A received a mission, that will take 27x20 min to be completed.
  • For which 1 certificate is necessary
  • The impact-play activity needs to be combined with a learn-play activity
  • For the impact-play activity, you need to have in the Matrix-Q Wallet at least 100 points
  • For the learn-play activity, you need to trade at least 100 Tokens
  • The mission can be accomplished when the team members complete three types of tasks.
  • For each task completed, they will receive 50 points
  • If the team achieve the impact expected (target), before the deadline, then the team will earn 500 tokens
  • The certificate completion needs 5x20 units of training. If the team members complete the units will receive per unit 3 Tokens and 20 points.
  • If a team member does not have enough tokens in the Matrix-Q Wallet, but enough points to activate the mission, then can purchase Matrix-Q Credits to activate the learn-play activities.
  • After mission completion the team members will receive a performance report, a certificate, they can use later in the game.