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Weekly play with us Online Collective Matrix-Q Games

  • LARRP Life action remote role play
  • Strategic Board Games
  • Wealth ability and entrepreneurship games
  • Card games
  • Improv games

Do you accept a climate mission?

  • Climate missions enable for us an quartal adjustment of our futurist prediction of the compound systemic  impact created by climate change

Daily & Online

Primordial Yoga Learn-play

  • Earn points and tokens by investing time in work-life balance
  • Twice a day: sunrise and sunset
  • You need 20 min and 1 square meter
  • Includes
    • Matrix-Q Breathe conscious breathing with positive emotions,
    • Promordial yoga for entrepreneur: regeneration booster
    • Conscious Dance improv and self-expression
    • Holistic-Wealthability, unleashing and cultivating your positive mindset 
    • Conscious sexuality: co-creative balance, both male and female skills
    • Holistic Brain GYM
    • Laugh yoga
    • Self-defense: Prime-Do
    • Forest Bathing: Shin-rin yoku
    • Trainers program: for certificates & Licenses

SEXuality EDucation


  • Every other saturday
  • Workshops & meetups, masterclasses
  • Gender identity scan
  • Conscious sexuality
  • Gender diversity
  • Gender equality
  • Sexuality Education for coach-trainers

Travel School for Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Prepare yourself for an impact-adventure abroad traveling
  • Survival, exploring, professional travel  and on-the-road business system
  • Craft your MVP and test before your travel
  • Monthly learn-play outdoors

Take the challenge, from idea to prototyping & MVP

  • Participate in our think tank, we address global pressing issues with circular and regenerative design
  • Design your own solutions
  • Monthly sessions

Multidisciplinary performing arts & Storytelling School

  • Let's tell an impact story together
  • Do you want to dance, play music, improv theater or poetry telling?
  • There are so many path for storytelling
  • Every 2 weeks learn-play online and outdoors


Life Action Remote Role Play

  • Capacity e-Scan: Matrix-Q DNA
  • Matrix-Q Simulations for Role Play
  • Educating your Matrix-Q Avatar
  • Matrix-Q Communication & Symbolic encoded Language
  • Mathematics, geometry, sound and colour as universal language
  • Matrix-Q Tools and skills for leadership and strategic playing with the Matrix-Q Method
  • Leadership styles, and human stages of development archetypes
  • Weekly ongoing playing

Forge & Craft

Your own Matrix-Q Assets

  • Utilize the Matrix-Q Tools & Methodology to forge and craft Matrix-Q Assets
  • Enable passive income opportunities
  • Build your personal brand
  • Earn-play with royalties
  • At the same time learn-play to qualify for Matrix-Q Certifciates & Licenses for Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer & designer
  • Design and develop your own digital smart applications & e-learning
  • Design creative items and experiences

OffSet C02 Emissions and Boost Biodiversity

  • Participate in Matrix-Q Conversations 
  • Complete missions, conquer challenges and develop projects dedicated to plant trees and boost biodiversity
  • Weekly learn-play and impact-play activities


  • Exclusive Impact-play missions every month, only for members
  • Earn tokens for achieving a positive direct or indirect impact in nature, societies, leaders and economies

Impact Journey

Competitions & Incubation

  • Utilize the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum Tool for Holistic Strategic Management
  • Do an assessment of your impact and level-up your strategy
  • Participate in the Matrix-Q Competitions for start-ups and intrapreneurs
  • Immersive training for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
  • Incubation program
  • Matching your availability as entrepreneur: 1 day per month or 3 days per month
  • Challenges and projects for learn-play, impact-play and earn-play