Climate Action Service Day

Climate Action Service DAY

Take one day in your week to collaborate together, addressing climate change outcomes 

Climate change is creating a silent, invisible, deceiving compound effect with systemic and global disruptive consequences in our economy, society, industry, communities, families, resources, commodities, and ecosystems.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we have implemented one day per week: Fridays, and a volunteer program (In which you can collaborate with free schedule), for everyone, of any age, profession, or gender, to collaborate.


Schedule with us a 15 min conversation.

We would like to do a capacity assessment scan, and review your background to match you to a specific project or tasks

For your first day. You attend an online event, a conversation about Climate Change, and an introduction to our current climate action activities (180 min)

You will receive assignments and challenges, schedule meetups online or outdoors (Rhenen), and receive suitable training.


Registration: to attend your first  Climate Action Service Day event FRIDAY 15.00 - 18.00

Or Schedule time with us for Q&A 

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