Dance Improv. & Sound Sessions

Dance for Balance, Purpose & Freedom


Indoors, Outdoors & Underwater 

For 5 years we have planned to create a safe space for dance improv and human connection.

We are finally ready with a wonderful program.

The journey towards the within. Unleashing your future self

Mastering the sound, vibration, created by yourself, music instruments, nature, or daily life

Mastering self-expression with your own body, emotions, mind and energy


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Luis will also play the HandPan live for the attendees to be inspired for the dance


It combines Indoors and outdoors activities, the program varies every session  


Matrix-Q Methods and techniques brief instruction will follow with an exploration and interactive experience, play with the following activities (Developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken since 1993):

  • Free dance improv. - Self-expression
  • Meditative Dance Improv. (1993)
  • Conscious Breathing Circle (1998)
  • Circle Dances of the World  (1999)
  • Ancient Seals Dances (The geometric code of nature) (2016)
  • Leela: The Game of the Gods & Goddesses (Story-driven interactive dance improv) (2013) 
  • Regenerative (self-healing) dance improv (2000)
  • Sensory Geometry - Nonverbal communication (1997)
  • The Blue Star Dancers' storytelling (2010)
  • The 9 Primordial dances of Love (2014)
  • The Assembly (Agora) Dance (1993)
  • Waterness - Meditative dance improv underwater (2002)
  • Systemische Aufstellungen mit Klang und Tanz (2008)
  • The Primordial Algorithms of Dance  - Prime-Do free improv (2016)
  • The Primordial Sounding Points - Dancing with the cyphers (2017)
  • The journey of the hero - Ancient and Modern Archetypes & Myths (1995)  


Next to the central dance improv exploration:

> Matrix-Q Sound: HandPan + Binaural Tones + Digital Music + Poetry Telling

> Matrix-Q Sound HandPan Live, with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

> Matrix-Q Primordial Yoga to warm up, strengthen the body and prepare focus (9 min)


After your registration we ask you to generate your Matrix-Q DNA code, LUIS will tailor-made the day's activities based on the collective DNA Code

See the available schedule below. Every 2 weeks, Saturdays. From 11.00 to 14.00

You can now register your intention to attend.

The sessions are organized for small groups of attendees, by invitation only. 

Receive your invitation. Schedule time with us for a brief interview


For companies, friends meetups, family outings, team building, or corporate.

We schedule and tailor-made content according to your preferences



  • (3 min) Arrival, welcome
  • (6 min) Matrix-Q Breathe
  • (9 min) Matrix-Q Primordial Yoga

Activity 01

  • (3 min) Technical Instructions 01 (For any of the activities listed above)
  • (27 min) Activity 01 Guided Dance Improv.
  • (6 min) Sharing, resting

Activity 02

  • (27 min) Activity 02 Free Dance Improv.

Activity 03

  • (3 min) Technical Instructions 03 (For any of the activities listed above)
  • (27 min) Activity 03 Guided Dance Improv.
  • (6 min) Sharing, resting

Activity 04

  • (27+ min) Activity 04 Free Dance Improv.
  • (9 min) closing day, sharing circle

Activity 05

  • Network + Social + ForestBathing Walk (Optional)


The location & schedule are given to the attendees/subscribers privately by email

  • Rhenen, Paviljoen Hotel (Indoors)
  • Rhenen, Grebbeberg Forest (outdoors)
  • Rhenen, Gedachteniskerk Culture Centre (Indoors, Outdoors)
  • Rhenen, Swimmingpool