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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, R&D Lead, Impact Lead, Matrix-Q Body of Work Researcher & Innovator

The journey towards the within

Unleashing your future self

Mastering the sound, vibration, created by yourself, music instruments, binaural tones, nature, or daily life


  • Luis has been exploring techniques and activities utilizing sound, vibration, voice, body awareness, emotions and conscious breathing (1991-2022) offered together under Matrix-Q Sound Products
  • Luis is now ready with a new upgrade of Matrix-Q Sound, after exploration with the handpan for several months


We are living challenging times, but also times filled with wonder, new knowledge, and innovative technology. We have learned so much about what means and what is human. Neuroscience, cognitive science, biohacking, epigenetics, holistic learning, gamified learning, emotional intelligence, and human consciousness.

Today we can say that there is sufficient knowledge for our global civilization to do a quantum jump, into the future, in both technology and society. The Matrix-Q Sound workshop will create that quantum jump for you.


This workshop will bring you knowledge, information, tools, and skills to level up your game

You will experience and discover natural resources available in yourself, and the keys to unleashing them.

Along with the workshop, we will facilitate experiences that will give you an empowering impulse, towards a more conscious, in balance, happy life. With the new skills and knowledge, you will connect with others, create quality time, cultivate, and nurture a creative and positive mindset. You will unveil a mirror, with positive aspects and potential in yourself, you have never seen before. You will learn how to activate it, craft it, and use it at will, in any circumstance in life you want.

How does it work? 

  1. Please select one of the recurrent activities, perks, or programs listed below
  2. Choose the date you would like to attend and register yourself. Fees apply.
  3. We will contact you after registration for an individual interview and capacity assessment session with Luis. 
  4. You will receive resources, more information, and tokens to participate in the activities.

When & Where


  • Luis constantly produces new content and exciting experiences for our members
    Each workshop is unique. Luis chose for each workshop the method, techniques, and content to be delivered, according to the qualities and goals of the registered attendees.
    The weekend workshop is also offered in 4 formats: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, with content designed according to the season
    Our suggestion: Attend the four seasons,  at least 4 workshops

DATES: Always at the next weekend after Solstice or Equinox. 

TIME: Always Saturday 11.00 AM -18.00 PM


  • The city of Rhenen, Utrecht Region, the Netherlands. At the Paviljoen Hotel, Grebbeberg
  • Our venue is just in front of a nice natural reserve, so we will have also activities outdoors.  

Early Bird?

Book it latest 4 weeks in advance! 


11.00 AM - 18.00 PM

Do you prefer a full weekend? Dinner, stay, outdoors activities?

The Workshop


  • The workshop provides a powerful regenerative experience. Stress release, buffer increase.
  • After this workshop, utilizing the techniques we will teach, you will: sleep better, has greater focus, longer attention span, process better and faster stress, strengthen your body, emotions, and mind.
  • Create a foundation for mental health through positive playful and enjoyable activities, you can also practice at home, or outdoors, on your own in 3 min.
  • We believe that by empowering our attendees and creating in you the capacity to apply with autonomy our methods, we serve you better.   
  • You will learn how to utilize sound, and vibration, created by you, by nature, or experienced in daily life, as a resource for well-being, regeneration, consciousness, balance, and happiness.


  • The workshop unfolds with a sequence of activities, that all together create a compound effect and deeper, long-standing, sustainable benefits. 
  • Each workshop provides a unique combination of techniques, methods, and experiences, chosen according to the attendee's unique qualities, stage of development, and potential. We design a unique workshop every time. That is why you can attend 12 continuous workshops, and getting into them is always a unique experience that brings you, individually, to the next level. 
  • The activities include self-awareness (Body, emotions, thoughts, mindset), use of conscious breathing and body movement, and in particular use of sound, and vibration, created with your own body. 
  • Luis will play the handpan, and improv. of sound, and inspiring poetry telling. 
  • Luis will intuitively create a unique melody and story for each of you individually, to bring with you home. This specific melody is created utilizing the Matrix-Q Sound Method.
  • Attendees (you) will explore techniques to re-connect with your own self, discover your own potential, and choose the future you want: what do you decide to become, how to unleash your potential or future self. 
  • We will bring you techniques to communicate, listen to yourself, and connect to yourself in the river of time. Including powerful systemic positioning (Systemische Aufstellungen mit Klang - Matrix-Q Sound)  tools, used as a language and method to read your life system, business, projects, and family legacy. You will learn how to unleash it with the use of your own vibration, sound, conscious breathing, and body awareness. 
  • We will learn how to connect to ourselves and others by utilizing vibration, sound, emotions, and body awareness consciously.
  • We will also learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q Primordial Sounding Archetypes or the primordial archetypes of sound. 100s of tones (frequencies) generated by utilizing the Matrix-Q Method. You know already 9 of those frequencies, mostly known as bi-neural tones. 
  • You will learn how to use simple symbolic language, and primordial archetypes to empower yourself, choose your destiny, and become the human you would like to become. 
  • We will utilize very practical hands-on, and imaginary, techniques, using color, energy, and geometry
  • Self-regeneration, balance, happiness and joy
  • and much more that you will discover.


  • Luis has explored knowledge, and technology, of nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations since he was a child. One of the main outcomes of his research has been a new holistic methodology that helps us accelerate learning, personal development, leadership skills; by utilizing nature principles, and how Luis calls it: The Code of Nature  (Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Body of Work)
  • We will utilize nature-inspired archetypes, symbolic language, imagery, knowledge, mythology, and archetypes of ancient cultures (The Primordial Archetypes, the journey of the hero, skills for adaptation, learning and management of change, human stages of development, leadership styles, mindset DNA, human conscious capacity and potential, and human stages of capacity to address challenges or solve conflicts, both personal, as well as social or in teams, by utilizing positive emotions, creativity, and mindset.)


  • Luis has been developing, since 1986, a unique gamified and holistic learning methodology. Now utilized by the Matrix-Q Akademia for entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • Learning by playing with games, role play, storytelling, self-expression, explorations, cards or board games, smart applications, and e-games  (Altogether: hybrid games)
  • The workshop is facilitated through experiences that provide your insights, as well as practical opportunities to discover your potential and learn useful techniques and information


  • The Matrix-Q Data-driven and holistic gamified learning methodology, helps us create a unique experience, in which we can give attention to each attendee in a unique manner.
  • The workshops are designed according to the needs of each and of altogether: a circle of attendees
  • For us to maximize the positive impact/outcome you will receive, we schedule before and after the workshop an individual coaching training session and a capacity assessment scan. We will share individual insights, and specific instructions for each attendee, and match the level of capacity, interests, and needs accordingly.


  • The workshop and individual coaching sessions are provided in a total of 27x20 min package
  • The individual sessions are scheduled online/outdoors before and after the workshop
  • All attendees will receive e-learning content, and also receive monthly sounds and insights, with the handpan and poetry telling improv. created by Luis, only for the attendees of these workshops
  • In addition, you will receive e-workbooks and challenges, as well as a plan for integrating the new knowledge, tools, and techniques in your daily life, at home or in business
  • You will also receive Matrix-Q Tokens, which are gift certificates you can use to book additional services, products, subscriptions or publications

THE FOLLOW-UP - What is optional, after the workshop (Additional fees apply)

  • After the workshop attendees have a variety of opportunities to dive in 
  • Along the same weekend, Luis welcomes you for a brunch or dinner. (Individually booked)
  • Attendees may also stay overnight from Saturday to Sunday, to complete a second-day workshop, and access to the next level (The intensive program)
  • Matrix-Q Sound Subscription: an e-learning program, including monthly new tracks: Hand-pan, percussion on guitar chords, digital music tracks, poetry telling, and inspirational messages by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • You may as well meet live online Luis, for a Matrix-Q Sound Session, Thursdays 15.00 PM Amsterdam Time Zone, a 20 min weekly session of Matrix-Q Conscious Breathing with positive emotions and Matrix-Q Sound Live, played by Luis
  • Luis has created space and time to give you individually dedicated attention. The Matrix-Q Sound Holistic Coaching & Regenerative Sessions offer you a personal immersive experience. To reach the next level of your capacity, empowering you in your journey, to unleash your future self, expand your potential, and thrive with balance, joy, and happiness.


  • Purchase the workshop on our webshop (use the products below in this page)  or select a date in our calendar
  • Or Schedule time with Luis for an intake, questions, and answers, to receive more instructions
  • The additional services will be introduced by Luis along with the first coaching session
  • You may also want to subscribe to a membership: The Matrix-Q Club, which offers you more for your investment. Please ask Luis for more details.
  • Subscribe to the Matrix-Q Sounds e-Learning Subscription
  • Experience Live, Online Matrix-Q Sound, played by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken



  • In our workshops, we welcome a maximum number of attendees (9-12)

PROGRAM:   The workshop is facilitated only on SATURDAY from 11.00 AM to 18.00 PM (*) 

  • 11.00 Welcome, introduction
  • 11.20 First Activity
  • 13:20 Snacks, Pause
  • 13:40 Second Activity
  • 15:40 Snacks, Pause
  • 16:00 Third Activity 
  • 17.00 Closing Activity, Final Sharing, Invitation to full weekend activities

(*) You are welcome to stay an additional workshop day, stay for dinner, or brunch the next day (Additional fees apply. Please contact Luis for more details)