How do you accelerate your learning curve, earn more money, and create faster a compound systemic impact?

LEARNING BY PLAYING (with board games, simulations, role play, e-games, card games, field games)

It helps you save money. In the real world, you will need to try out many campaigns in the market, develop innovative strategies, and eventually contract experts to tell you what to do and how.

But a game costs you only time, and a good game design that gives you the data you need to evaluate your performance, impact capacity, and assess the specific needs of training, strategies that will work, customers you should not target, and the other number of conditions you need to consider.

To play a game costs you less, and accelerates your learning, then you are earlier also ready to face a real challenge, increasing your chance to be more successful.


Want to get faster ready to the market, maybe become self-employed.


Want to become independent, use their creativity and choice, start their own business


Want to test and valuate the teams, business models, and impact plans, before investing


Wants to measure, value, predict, enhance and optimize its human-capital's performance


Want to stay longer at home, with the children and create more quality time. They need to learn faster how to earn money from home


Wants to sharpen its approach to the market,  acquire the right team for the entrepreneurial adventure, and become successful with highly effective performance.


Wants to assess the responsiveness of their collective, before investing in a new project


Wants to measure the impact of learning, while the students are still enrolled, and after.

Learning by playing is an investment that increases your chance of success, reduces your expenses, accelerates your learning curve, unleashes your potential (Adaptive capacity, creativity, impact leadership), and brings you closer to the reality of your business and the source of your challenges faster.

How does it work?


  1. Get invited to join the game. Schedule time with the Matrix-Q Game Master for a presentation of our services, and to match your current capacity, budget, time, and goals with the 12+ categories of games we provide. 
  2. You make the choice. Tell us what you would like to achieve, realize. Your vision, your dreams, your targets.
  3. The Matrix-Q Game Master will guide you, to start  your first Matrix-Q Game
  4. Follow the instructions, play with the rules, earn points, and earn as an entrepreneur.
  5. You will play hybrid games: e-games, simulations, role play, board games, field games, cards games
  6. You will receive challenges, missions, projects, tasks, and activities to interact as well with the real world/market and create a positive impact

For whom?

  • Create passive income assets
  • Become a Matrix-Q Specialist: 
    • Coach-trainer, consultant
    • Coder
    • Circular Designer, Innovator
    • Influencer, Storyteller
    • Project developer

  • Integrate Matrix-Q Data-driven tools, knowledge, skills, and innovations in your company, with the Matrix-Q Label
  • Develop your projects within the Matrix-Q Games: Your intrapreneurs receive a tailor-made gamified program 

  • From idea to market
  • Incubation, and acceleration program
  • Leadership skills training
  • Valuation of your company
  • Investment ready program

  • Acquire the tools and knowledge necessary for start-ups and entrepreneurial projects valuation (Matrix-Q Holistic Quantum Economy, Corporate Immunology, Human Capital  Valuation, Regenerative Impact)
  • Invest in Matrix-Q Companies & Projects 

Create a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies, by addressing global, local, and social pressing issues

  • Contribute to the acceleration of the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future
  • Participate in SDG's projects

  • Become a Matrix-Q Specialist
  • Join teams for innovation, values, and purpose-driven start-ups or  intrapreneurial projects
  • Contribute with change management and value chain transformation

  • Become a Matrix-Q Specialist and professional traveler and explorer
  • Create a positive impact while living abroad traveling, by developing sustainable development projects

  • Start a home/family business online
  • From home, remotely,  free schedule
  • Create the freedom you need to share quality time with for your beloved ones, family, and community.
  • Holistic lifestyle, with work-life and family balance

  • Gather together with friends or family
  • Build a self-sufficient community. 
  • Holistic quality of life, work-life balance, happiness at work, community, culture, and nature.
  • Create the foundations for a shared economy with a sustainable co-living space, in the city, outdoors, on farmland, in a shared house, online (meta-verse), or in a caravan abroad-traveling.
  • Invest in land, property development, digital assets, or rent together the property you need

How far you can go?

Matrix-Q Belts

By playing the Matrix-Q Games, with the time you invest in learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play* you receive certificates, licenses, labels, and rewards. As well your achievements, performance, and capacity are recognized with rank: The 12+ Matrix-Q Belts

Where to start?

This is your last chance.

After this, there is no turning back.

Choose the next step of your journey...