Matrix-Q Kids Akademia - Early Entrepreneurship

Matrix-Q Kids Akademia for early Entrepreneurs

Early entrepreneurs, called merchants and explorers, began to raise capital, take risks, and stimulate economic growth.

A successful venture needs to be started by one that dares to explore uncharted territory. New and unknown opportunities were discovered and leveraged by early entrepreneurs. Leading new fields in the industry, innovation, trade, commerce routes, new products, and materials, or funding solutions.

What did they have in common?

  • Ability to think beyond their time,
  • Capacity to explore new opportunities
  • Ability to learn and adapt themselves, be creative
  • Capacity to execute in a timely manner
  • Capacity to communicate, create a meaningful purposeful connections with people
  • (personal) Leadership & Self-Management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Financial education, capacity to generate wealth 
  • Emotional intelligence, positive mindset
  • Impact, culture, or purpose-driven
  • Systemic thinking and design skills
  • Ability to communicate, collaborate and co-create with others
  • Feel comfortable with complexity, and are capable to create simple solutions

Children today, besides their academic education, can invest themselves in activities, games, missions, or projects that will challenge them to develop the competencies and skills above listed. 


  • Youngsters are welcome to join our Akademia for Entrepreneurs
  • Age 14 - 21
  • By learning how to set goals, draft plans, execute and solve challenges. 
  • By addressing global, local, or social pressing issues. Aiming to create a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies
  • We provide a tailor-made capacity building program with hybrid games (Digital, live field games outdoors, role play, simulations, board games, travel games, city games, e-games, VR Games, Smart Apps)
  • We measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize their capacity to perform like entrepreneurs


  • Children that have shown already interest in entrepreneurship, and creativity in business, innovation, leadership, or want to create a positive impact (With parental, or tutor authorization)
  • Children of actual Entrepreneurs
  • Schools that would like to challenge their students (incubation programs, competitions)
  • Children that would like to live a holistic lifestyle, with work-life balance, and also become one day entrepreneurs


  • Schedule time with us for an intake, questions and answers, a presentation of our memberships


  • Kids Entrepreneurs Club (Meet other kids, create projects together)
  • Akademia for Entrepreneurs, Kids Program: Courses, workshops (Focus on skills, competencies)
  • Incubator challenges and competitions (For Schools)
  • Mentorship and coaching for early entrepreneurs, with parental support
  • Smart Applications, digital products creation, in partnership with our students (Children, & their parents)
  • Internship for kids
  • Scholarship for kids 
  • Volunteer for kids (create a positive impact, addressing global, local and social pressing issues)