Matrix-Q For Students

Matrix-Q for Students

How students can learn Matrix-Q Knowledge & Skills if are not yet entrepreneurs?

The Matrix-Q Akademia welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs. Candidates subscribe with a membership fee

We know students may not have the budget to subscribe to the standard programs, so we have created a unique and special program and alternative rules for students to attend events and become members.


The direct path

The student's community path

  • Register as a student, free of charge. 
  • Receive our e-newsletter, with updates on current events
  • Inform us of the events you want to attend.
  • We will coordinate for you and other students to join together

The Matrix-Q Students Coupons

  • The student's coupons can be used only when you purchase more than one item. A minimum of seats for a workshop, or sessions for coaching or units of training.
  • In this case, the condition is that a minimum number of students purchases collectively the same product.
  • If you use this path, one of your friends or yourself will need to do a collective purchase.
  • You decide how you divide the fees among each other.
  • The student coupon can be used only by registered students.

Collective Purchase

  • When the fees of a product or service can be shared by max. number of subscribers or customers
  • If a product on our webshop has the label "Collective Purchase" that means that one buyer can represent a maximum of attendees and pay together for the total fees.

Additional Rules

Additional rules may apply, depending on the product, for example

  • There may be a minimum number of students that have to join the event
  • There may be a minimum number of members that pay standard fees in order for the students to be able to join 
  • If students join to collaborate with the training, there will be a max. number of students selected/invited to join
  • For all students, the same rules apply: earning points, receiving prizes, batches, rewards, tokens, belts, rings and achieving eligibility for training and opportunities to learn-play, impact-play, earn-play or lifestyle-play