The Next Gen-27 Program

The Next Gen-27 Program

We pay you 9.000,00 EUR* to become a Successful Entrepreneur


  • We are living in complex times
  • We want to create together a future with a quality of life for ourselves and the next generations
  • We need more entrepreneurs with advanced skills, innovation capacity, and impact investor mindset 
  • We want to empower young leaders to become successful entrepreneurs


  • You are younger than 27 years old (**)
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You want to cultivate and develop your creativity and adaptation capacity
  • You are actively looking for opportunities
  • You want to find/develop your purpose, acquire skills, learn how to use tools, and take a mission
  • You want to decide your own future
  • You have or want to develop the ability to combine a long term plan with short term achievements
  • You aim for a holistic lifestyle with work-life balance, happiness at what you do, and quality time with the people you care for
  • You are ready to invest in your own success
  • You want to create your own products, passive income assets, and a startup.

  • You have already a part-time job or financial support to pay your bills

(**) Underage entrepreneurial minds may join with parents/tutors' participation


  • You can join this program with an invitation only

  • After your application, we will complete together an assessment of your capacity, current skills, and barriers. We may give you one challenge to explore together the level of your strengths.

  • With the results of our assessment, we will tailor-made a unique program for you
  • You agree to invest from 18 hrs/week for 3 months, free schedule.

  • You will invest time into learning, and developing projects online (Some times outdoors)
  • We utilize a new holistic data-driven methodology for accelerated learning
  • The program will include: Learn-Play, Impact-Play, Balance-Play, Earn-Play, Invest-Play activities


  • We support you with 9.000,00 EUR for the first 81 days (If eligible)
  • This support may be extended along the year several times
  • A combination of a scholarship with a work-study program
  • Based on the results of the capacity assessment scan and on your performance along the first 27 days we decide the level of scholarship and adjustable conditions for the work-study program that matches you
  • You will earn an income along with the program, outcome of your own entrepreneurial achievements
  • You will receive certificates and licenses after you complete milestones in the program
  • You create within 81 days passive income assets
  • You will be trained to utilize tools, products, skills, knowledge, technology to achieve your targets and goals
  • A dedicated mentor will support you along the process