Positive Impact

Creating a Positive Impact by Playing


With the Matrix-Q Games, our ecosystem intends to scale education for the next generation of leaders.

We want to host for 2030,  729.000 players from 108 countries around the world and create 81 Matrix-Q Hubs for Learn-play, Impact-Play, and Earn-play worldwide. Which will translate into new participative and inclusive initiatives implemented at a location to address pressing issues. 

The Matrix-Q Games have been designed exclusively for aspiring or already entrepreneurs that would like to address global pressing issues, creating a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies.

Driven by purpose, values, innovation, and data, the Matrix-Q Community of Entrepreneurs creates a positive by sharing and cultivating together a common vision, mission, philosophy, and holistic lifestyle

The Matrix-Q Games focus starts with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, suggested by the United Nations in 2015. But not only that. Through multidisciplinary and holistic research, members of our ecosystem assess global pressing issues, set targets, design and produce innovative solutions. 

Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs learn by playing (impact-play, earn-play) how to create a positive regenerative impact, to enable sustainable holistic growth, following a doughnut model.

Research, Development, Innovation & Impact


The research groups and projects below are examples of opportunities created by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem to enable a systemic and regenerative positive impact.

With a road map, 2022-2050 the Matrix-Q Research Institute, in collaboration with members and companies of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem address strategically global pressing issues. 

We utilize a holistic and human-inclusive model for impact. Starting with a new 9-Fold model of circular economy with a Matrix-Q of 81 circularity indicators. We also utilize assessment of impact tools and algorithms that predict impact based on the human capacity of learning and adaptation, to a new holistic economy model.

Research & Innovation Groups

Matrix-Q Games players may be invited to join a Matrix-Q Research Group and contribute with multidisciplinary research, innovation projects in the fields below. (more details)

  • Matrix-Q Futurist Studies
  • Human potential (stages of development)
  • DNA studies
  • Time & human emotions
  • Human intelligence (collective intelligence
  • Holistic Education
  • Anthropocene
  • Gender diversity, co-creativity, equality, non-polarity, family and community
  • Matrix-Q Strategic Business Management
  • Circular regenerative economy and a holistic quantum economy
  • New materials
  • Clean energy
  • Human inclusive technology
  • Proto-computing & mathematics
  • Solidarity and international collaboration
  • Self-sufficient communities
  • Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary and holistic archaeology expeditions
  • Study of nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Symbolic Language
  • Symbolic Arts ( Incld. Performing arts)
  • History of economy, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Matrix-Q Standards
  • Multidisciplinary and holistic research
  • Methodology
  • Multidisciplinary innovation
  • Data-driven solutions
  • Artificial intelligence, automation, IoT, Metaverse, Gamification
  • Innovation for SDG2030
  • Knowledge and technology transfer