Matrix-Q Impact-Investment

The Matrix-Q Games are designed for entrepreneurs to increase their holistic wealth, by realizing a sustainable holistic growth, in order to act as impact-investors at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.


Invest resources into projects dedicated to accelerating the transition of our planet back into a sustainable future. 

The nature of the investment may be with knowledge, licenses, tokens, capital, or capacity building.

The Matrix-Q Fund is already investing in members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem


For example in scholarships for promising talents that achieve eligibility through the outcome of their learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities. The scholarships enable an acceleration of their learning curve, a compound effect in impact-play and learn-play. Aiming for them to join the Level 9+ of the Matrix-Q Games, "special task forces".


With the Matrix-Q Data-driven methodology for assessment of impact, human capital value, and holistic strategic management, we generate complementary valuation reports, of business projects.

The complete set of reports on human capital capacity, impact, market-entry, financials, innovation, assets, and property, will be shared in a portfolio with the Matrix-Q Circle of investors.


The Matrix-Q Game players, are aspiring (or already) entrepreneurs, aiming to become impact investors.

One of the keys to impact-investment is the capacity to have or make available resources for a company to develop, and create the systemic positive impact that is needed.

The sustainable generation of holistic wealth(resources) is then a condition for impact-investment. 

As well, Matrix-Q Impact Investors have acquired new knowledge about holistic and quantum economy, corporate immunology, holistic strategic management, the 17 SDG's Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, and multidisciplinary innovation applied to sustainable development.

Aspiring impact investors at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem participate in the Matrix-Q Games, acquiring the Matrix-Q Culture, values, vision, and mission as their own. By becoming members of our community of entrepreneurs, they demonstrate their abilities, and characters, while acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge, Skills, Tools, Capacity, and becoming eligible for a Matrix-Q Rank, Ring, Licenses, Certificates & Labels.

The combination of resources, values, leadership, and knowledge alone does not create an impact per see. This is the reason why the Matrix-Q Games have been created to enable the players the capacity to enable a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies, by addressing global, local, and social pressing issues with innovation, leadership, education, and entrepreneurship. 

The Economy of Nature

Applied for Impact-Investment

At the Matrix-Q Games, we apply an innovative model for the economy.

The Matrix-Q Holistic-Quantum Economy is nature-inspired, following the intelligence of the economy of nature. The outcome is new guidelines for decision making and the design of systems for sharing wealth, through responsible, inclusive, meritocratic, and democratic practices.

For example, The shares in a company are divided by the owners according to a "division" rule they all agree with. While a Cell, in both animal and human clones itself and multiply, in order to grow. This simple idea makes a great difference when you think about ownership and balance within an organism with an inner economy (generation and exchange of value).


Are utilized at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem to simulate and create internally the developments and opportunities that a holistic quantum economy would offer to its members.


We have introduced you already to the Matrix-Q Belts, Rank & Ring

Now is time to introduce you to the Matrix-Q Cycles, or wealth generation cycles.

At the Matrix-Q Game, the cycles indicate the age of the player in the game. In this case, age is not represented by time, but by experience, capacity, knowledge acquire, and impact created, represented by a cycle.

The Matrix-Q Cycles follow a unique algorithm created by the study of nature principles, rhythms, cycles, and laws. The algorithm serves us to design challenges, missions, and projects, so that learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities will bring the players to their next level of capacity of holistic wealth generation and always one step closer to becoming a Matrix-Q Impact Investor. 

Along with the onboarding program for white, yellow, blue, and black belts, our members do a self-assessment on their capacity to generate wealth and utilize the Matrix-Q Cycles to measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize their performance.

All our members aim to become impact investors in the future, and have started their journey!