Matrix-Q Causes

Matrix-Q Causes

Matrix-Q Causes give you the opportunity to collaborate with purpose, values, and impact-driven entrepreneurs. 

There are 9 categories of causes we invest in ourselves (with 9 capitals), as we believe we will achieve a multigenerational systemic impact through them. 

We engage and commit together to causes, addressing global, local, and social pressing issues.

In some cases it is not feasible, or possible in a specific period of time, location, or target niche, to find the right conditions for a business model to be used, to solve a challenge or cause through entrepreneurship alone.

In those cases, YOUR CONTRIBUTION to our causes can make a difference.

As we, all members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem together, contribute financially, and with the 9 capitals, to create a multigenerational social impact, provide capacity building and resources to youth, or support a research project that could be of pivotal relevance for the following 9+ generations.

As entrepreneurs, we find a limited field to play, if there are no feasible business models to use. Then we create a cause to collaborate together with. 

Collaborate with us!

By contributing with our causes you become Honorary Member of our ecosystem


How to collaborate with a cause?


We have prepared a selected number of activities in the form of perks, that give to the donor a service or product, or experience, as a gift, in return for the donation.


Just select the cause you prefer and do a donation of the amount you want


Would you like to know more about the projects we are developing at the moment?

Please schedule time with us for Q&A after registering yourself for an specific cause (free of charge)